GlideMeals Monorails

Better service with innovative technology.

GlideMeals Monorails

The future of restaurant service comes with reduced labour and increased efficiency with GlideMeal Monorails making ordering food and delivery service simple and easy. Reduce the number of servers needed to keep your restaurant running by using our fast and reliable monorail to deliver food to customers. Provide better customer experience and serve more customers than your competitors.

Benefits of using Monorails:

  • Servers can focus on providing quality service instead of bussing and taking orders.
  • Customers spend less time waiting for service, increasing customer turnover rate.
  • Can safely and reliably carry up to 4kg, reducing chance of accidents happening.
  • Increases profits by enticing customers to order more food.
  • Streamlines the restaurant workflow allowing you to complete more orders efficiently.

Providing fast service and having good servers are major obstacles that any restaurant may face before becoming successful and fulfilling these desires is a great way to find regular customers. GlideMeals brings food directly to customers, requiring fewer servers to bus tables and take orders allowing them to focus on improving the customer’s experience. Reducing the labour costs allows you to put funds in places you need, making it easier for you to make your business a success.


The express lanes can have up to two levels in order to service more customers and be within their reach. Using express lanes to transport food orders also helps remove the stress of bussing tables from your waiters and waitresses, allowing them to spend more time making sure your customers are enjoying their food and providing quality service.


Express lanes can be utilized for smaller restaurants as well! In this layout, 30 customers can be efficiently serviced using two express lanes. Not only will using an express lane give your restaurant a more modern look, but also allow you to use the space available in your restaurant more efficiently by facilitating the workflow from ordering to food service.

Completes Any Restaurant

Our monorails make serving food in any restaurant fast and easy.






Larger restaurants are able to accommodate more customers with express lanes to service everyone efficiently. In this layout, over 100+ customers seated in 5 columns can be efficiently serviced using express lanes with two levels, for a total of 10 express trains. Transport of food becomes easy without crowding the floor and food being delivered on trains can also whet the appetite of customers they pass, enticing them to order more food.