The most innovative and reliable way to running a restaurant, helping provide exemplary service to customers using one of the most advanced food delivery systems in the world.

About Us

Enabling restaurants to provide exemplary service for customers.

GlideMeals is dedicated to providing high quality and reliable products to our customers. Utilizing advanced and innovative technology to improve restaurant productivity, no other food delivery system can increase work efficiency like ours.


Reduced Labor Costs

Taking orders and delivering food without relying on servers.

Patented Technology

Advanced technology to improve restaurant efficiency.

Experienced Designers

Over 50 years of experience to help design and build your restaurant.

Our Systems

Our products are made with high quality materials and possess customizable options to match your interior design and help make your restaurant unique.

Conveyor Belts (Click on the image for more)

Making food constantly available around your restaurant.

Hybrid Conveyor (Click on the image for more)

Two efficient systems in one.

Chainless Conveyor (Click on the image for more)

Sleek designs for the modern restaurant.